Summer Wedding Dresses

Your special day has been set and the invites are pending - so it may be time to focus on browsing the perfect summer wedding dresses to suit you.
Whether you want to get married in a classic lace wedding dress, or something a little more unconventional, Love Spell Design have a wide range of beautiful bridal summer dresses to choose from. Through the use of premium & luxurious materials, our selection of wedding dresses fulfil the role of both elegance and beauty, without compromising on comfort during the heat of a summer wedding. Providing a refreshing approach to the bridal experience, we are proud to offer sensational summer gowns and hair accessories of superb craftsmanship that can be purchased at our UK bridal boutiques.

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Price range: £1,500 — £3,000 with most of our wedding dresses between £1,800 - £2,500.

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FAQs & Further Information

Most definitely, our range of summer wedding dresses are highly versatile and with the aid of certain dress accessories, can protect against the heat. We suggest looking for a summer dress UK that has the option of a shrug or bolero to cover your shoulders.

This can be useful to keep the sun from burning your shoulders as you stand to say your vows if you are outdoors, as well as a cover-up if the evening gets chilly.

Although remaining visibly beautiful, summer wedding gowns generally differentiate from typical wedding dresses when worn. As imagined, wearing any gown for extended periods of time in hot weather can become a chore, especially during such an important day.

A bridal summer dress UK is usually lighter, with a strong focus on comfort for the bride, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal.

Chiffon fabric is always an excellent choice for summer wedding dresses due to how lightweight it is. The soft and fluid material provides free movement for brides, allowing them to glide down the aisle effortlessly.

We offer a wide selection of elegant chiffon summer gowns ideal for outdoor garden and beach weddings. Perfect for brides who want a classic look, another choice of ours would be lace fabric.

We love lace wedding dresses because they’re incredibly diverse in texture, weight, pattern and embellishments. Lace fabric can also be used as an overlay or detail to add a touch of romance and timeless beauty.

If you’re looking for a blend of a delicate and vintage look, then check out our stunning collection made out of both chiffon and lace fabrics.

We release our bridal summer dress UK collection in winter, giving you plenty of time to choose one of our customers favourites and make any alterations you may need.

The concept of summer wedding dress shopping is super exciting, with most brides dreaming of this moment from a very young age. However, the process is much more complex than it seems. Not only do you want to look effortlessly beautiful, you want to feel comfortable and avoid overheating.

We understand that getting started can be daunting, which is why we’ve compiled a list of things you need to consider before choosing your summer wedding dress:

Comfort: no matter how stunning a bridal gown may look on you, we advise to only choose a dress you feel 100% comfortable in. We design all of our summer wedding dresses with our customers’ comfort in mind, as we feel as though you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort for the ‘wow effect’ when you can have both.

Body type: choosing your summer wedding dress’ silhouette is extremely important. You want to choose the most flattering shape you feel most comfortable in, both looks wise and heat wise.

Fabric: opting for light and breathable fabrics when shopping for a bridal summer dress UK is a very smart choice. These include: chiffon, lace, organza and tulle. We have a range of wedding summer dresses made out of these fabrics for you to choose from.

Style, theme and location: It’s important to factor in the style, theme and location of the wedding. Is it traditional or more relaxed? Is there a specific theme such as a ballroom concept? Is it located at a hall or on the beach? We want to make sure that your chosen summer wedding dress corresponds with your other wedding decisions for the most perfect wedding, which is why we have a varied collection to suit every theme and style you may want to pursue.

For those that have always imagined their wedding dress including long sleeves, our bridal summer dresses can certainly include them.

Yes, a wedding during the summer may have hotter weather conditions, but opting for a light and breathable fabric for sleeves on your summer wedding dress can make a huge difference.

View our range of long sleeve summer wedding dresses or contact our team for further details on the accessories applicable for them.