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Love Spell is the answer for confident, unique, modern brides searching for their perfect boho wedding dress UK. Providing a refreshing approach to the bridal experience, we are proud to offer sensational boho wedding dresses and hair accessories of superb craftsmanship that can be purchased online or at our UK boutiques.

Price range: £1,500 — £3,000 with most of our wedding dresses between £1,800 - £2,500.

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FAQs & Further Information

If you want to achieve a boho look through your wedding dress, first think about the setting. If you’re getting married on the beach, choose light fabrics and a silhouette that flows at the natural waist. If a barn wedding is more your thing, try an all lace fit-and-flare wedding dress that hugs your curves with off-the-shoulder sleeves!

Getting married outside? A tulle and lace A-line silhouette is perfect for a ceremony on a mountainside cliff, or in the middle of the forest, under the stars. Boho really is just a state of mind and you can wear it any way you want – with just a little imagination! Our team will be more than happy to offer possible solutions for your theme and setting, simply contact us for more information on our boho wedding dresses.

For men, a casual suit in tan, blue, grey, brown or light colour in chambray or linen can be a great look to go with your boho wedding dress UK. For colder months, a tweed or wool suit with a bit of a pattern or colour could be a great choice. A suit and shirt without a tie can also be a great look if you know it’s a non-formal event.

Bohemian style comes with a long history, with its aesthetic originating in the late 60s and 70s. Also called ‘boho chic’ or ‘boho’, the style features a variety of natural materials, earthy shades and hippie-inspired patterns.

Boho dresses are a versatile category, with a range of looks and materials.

The origin of the bohemian style is strongly correlated with the bohemians, a counterculture that appeared in France after the French Revolution. The era saw many artists plunge into poverty, as a result of being deprived of the former system of patronage.

Bohemian style comes with a wide range of silhouettes and cuts, and just as many, if not more characteristic materials, patterns and techniques.

As a general rule, bohemian wedding dresses incorporate natural materials in nature-occurring shades and designs inspired by art and rustic elements, plus a plethora of ethnic, folk and floral patterns. We’ve compiled a glossary of all the main bohemian elements out there, starting with the most commonly used fabrics to the most iconic prints and patterns.

Boho style dresses are defined by an effortless aura that surrounds an attitude, which is brought to life through easy-to-wear fabrics, botanical laces, organic beaded patterns, and silhouettes that are simple and uncomplicated. Together, these design elements create wedding dresses that feel exceptionally boho without straying too far from traditional bridal looks.