A-Line Wedding Dress

A true classic gown for a traditional approach, the A-line wedding dress is a highly versatile option for brides to be. A-line wedding dresses are figure flattering and with our range of styles, wearable in practically any setting and theme.
From high glamour to classical gowns, our selection of a-line wedding dresses are the perfect choice for your special day. A major factor behind the popularity of A-line wedding dresses is the potential of being universally flattering on all body types & shapes. At Love Spell Design, we pride ourselves on providing a refreshing approach to the bridal experience & the classical a-line wedding dress. Through our expert knowledge of the industry, we provide sensational a-line wedding dresses, purchasable at our UK bridal boutiques.

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FAQs & Further Information

Quite simply, an a-line wedding dress is characterised by a stylish silhouette that has a distinct ‘A’ shape. Usually, an a-line wedding dress is fitted in the bodice and then begins to flare out at the waistline. The skirt of an a-line wedding dress is highly customisable but typically offers a more ‘full’ look without the additional weight of volume.

A large selling point for a-line wedding dresses is the huge availability of this type of gown. Being universally flattering on many body types instantly places these dresses as a staple piece for many brides that may find it difficult to find the perfect wedding dress for them. Booking an appointment for our showroom will be the best way to secure the perfect fit, so be sure to enquire today.

While similar in a few ways, ballgowns are one of the most traditional silhouettes when it comes to a wedding dress. Typically, ballgown wedding dresses are made with a wide, full skirt, most often achieved by using crinolines or layers of tulle to achieve fullness. A-line wedding dresses, on the other hand, are halfway between a sheath silhouette and a ballgown. The silhouette flares out at the waist but with less drama than a ballgown and has a fitted bodice. A-line wedding dresses are named for the way it creates an “A” shape on the body.