Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

If you are looking to a unique aspect of beauty to your wedding dress, our range of long sleeve wedding dresses are the perfect choice.
Considered a staple for traditional gowns, long sleeve wedding dresses have been a timeless classic for many years and solidified themselves amongst the most popular dresses for brides during their special day. There are many factors that play a key part in crafting the perfect long sleeve wedding dress. Through the use of premium & luxurious materials, our selection of long sleeve wedding dresses fulfil both elegance and timelessness, ensuring you are the star of your special day. We pride ourselves on providing a refreshing approach to the classical long sleeve wedding dress, applying our expert craftsmanship to provide uniqueness to each and every long sleeve wedding dress.

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FAQs & Further Information

A strong aspect of long sleeve wedding dresses is the versatility in terms of the ranging fabrics and styles to choose from. Due to the vast amount of customisation available, wearing a long sleeve wedding dress during your special day in the summer is most definitely an option. During your appointment, we can discuss the general setting of your wedding day and begin altering your selected long sleeve wedding dress to match your needs and requirements.

Due to the additional fabric used when crafting long sleeved wedding dresses, the price is often increased to cover the added fabric costs. At Love Spell Design, our range of long sleeved wedding dresses are priced extremely competitively, whilst maintaining the beautiful fabrics and other aspects that long sleeved wedding dresses are renowned for.

Rest assured, our selection of long sleeve wedding dresses offers unmatched comfort during your special day. With expert craftsmanship, our collection deliberately focuses on movement and light, yet high quality fabrics for optimal comfort during your wedding day. Even with the added addition of sleeves, our dresses are light and comfortable, whilst offering the classic, timeless look expected from a long sleeve wedding dress.