Beach Wedding Dresses

If you are planning your special day in the sun, our range of beach wedding dresses could be the perfect choice. For a versatile & easy to wear feeling without sacrificing on an elegant style, beach wedding dresses are the pinnacle of matching a lightweight feel with beauty.
Whether you are planning a seaside ceremony in the heat, or an ‘I do’ in the setting sun, Love Spell’s beach wedding dress selection will ensure the perfect gown for your special day. We utilise luxury materials that work to offer an effortless wearing experience whilst still capturing the essence of the coastline. With a range of styles on offer, we ensure our beach wedding dresses work harmoniously with your figure and wedding theme.

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Price range: £1,500 — £3,000 with most of our wedding dresses between £1,800 - £2,500.

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FAQs & Further Information

The idea of wearing a wedding dress on a beach can provoke different reactions, depending on the bride’s preference and personality. A beach wedding dress usually focuses on a lighter appeal, being easier to carry on such a shifty surface, whilst remaining classy. We utilise high quality fabrics and clever floral patterns to offer beautiful beach wedding dresses, without sacrificing ease of wear.

When planning a beach wedding, one of the most important aspects of the event is the heat. Our selection of beach wedding dresses are cleverly designed to help the bride’s skin breathe and stay refreshed in the unforgiving heat of the seaside. Our light fabrics ensure the bride remains cool and classy during their special day.

Typically, we find that linen, satin, lace, tulle, charmeuse and taffeta are the most popular choices for a beach wedding. This is because they tend to be light, airy and delicate. In addition to this, a light beach wedding dress will be much easier to move around in during heavy winds and sandy areas.

You don’t need to wear any accessories on your wedding day if you don’t want to! Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and suits your personality. If you follow your heart, the right outfit will come! If you’re looking for ideas to accessorise your beach wedding dress, try using hair grips, leave your hair down, wear hair charms, head jewellery or even flowers in your hair.

Dry sand shouldn’t ruin your wedding dress, as long as it doesn’t get wet. You can easily dust-dry sand off, but wet sand has the potential to damage the dress slightly.

It’s best to get an idea of what the setting of the wedding will be like before going ahead and choosing your wedding dress. This is good because it can give you an idea of whether to prepare for certain weather or environments. This is why we recommend that you look at wedding dresses after you’ve booked the venue, around 8-10 months before your wedding. If your wedding day is far into the future, we recommend waiting to look for your beach wedding dress, as styles and trends can change quickly.

We recommend bringing two trusted people who understand your taste and won’t overwhelm you. Searching for the perfect beach wedding dress can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be intense, especially if you’re trying to find a dress in a certain time frame.

Our guests tend to stay for around an hour to find their perfect beach wedding dress. If you think that an hour won’t be long enough to try on your beach wedding dress, we can always book you in for a slot on a weekday, when we’re not as busy and can offer more time.

We recommend wearing skin coloured underwear to your appointment with a strapless bra. This is so that you can see the beach wedding dress in its full potential. To help you imagine wearing it on your wedding day, you can also bring any accessories or shoes.

It is advisable not to bring children to the appointment as they can be a distraction and make it harder to find the perfect beach wedding dress. Although it isn’t recommended, we understand that this is not always possible, so if you are bringing your children, make sure that you come on a weekday when it’s a little quieter.

Love Spell Design offers a range of lightweight and lavish beach wedding dresses to fit your every mood and theme. Each of our gowns have been designed specifically to be compatible with a beach wedding.

Our Aurora lace dress with flattering flutter sleeves feels just right for a beach wedding. The lace detailing and flowy silhouette make our brides look as stunning as ever standing on the beachfront.

Our fluid bohemian Ruby dress is perfect for brides that want an effortless but classy look on their wedding day. The lace and chiffon fabrics make it an incredibly breathable dress in the hot weather. This gown looks right at home against the sand and bustling ocean waves.

A light and flowy dress with embroidered details, a V-neckline and a scoop back meshes wonderfully with a beach wedding. Our enchanting Liv Ivory dress is just that. The floral embroidery makes this gown ideal for spring and summer beach weddings.

Every beach wedding needs a dress with a slit detail. Our Grace dress is sassy and sweet with its simple and traditional pure white wedding dress look mixed with an angled neckline, thin straps, a low back and a high slit. This dress really stands out for an outdoor beach summer wedding.

Our Nadia dress is absolutely flawless for a beach wedding with its sleek, one-of-a-kind bohemian detailing and angel wing-sleeves. Being extremely fashion-forward, this would be a great choice for anyone looking to wear something more distinctive.

Lastly, our Isla dress is fantastic for a beach wedding with its modern two-piece set. It’s highly flexible, best suited for a free-spirited woman who plans on dancing, skipping and gliding along the shoreline on their special day.

Beach wedding dresses do not necessarily have to be simple. At Love Spell Design, we believe every customer is unique and the location of the wedding does not always determine the exact look of the dress.

We offer a selection of beach wedding dresses more on the classic, all-white and simple side such as our Nova and Blanc gowns. However, each dress still has its own exceptional details. Additionally, we offer a range of more unique, ornate and contemporary beach wedding dresses such as our Lilian and Fleming gowns.

Beach weddings make for stunning views and photos, but keeping your dress free from any sand or dirt can be a challenge.

We would advise you to be cautious of any rocks or cliffs as they can easily tear your gown. Also, remember to constantly lift your beach wedding dress whilst walking or carrying out any actions. Additionally, avoid wet sand and water as the stains are harder to clean.

Lace and tulle fabrics tend to capture more sand than others. If sand does get on your beach wedding dress, it’s best to get your gown professionally dry cleaned. For a quick fix in the moment, a good option is to try drying the sand very carefully and then gently shaking it out.

We’ve covered how a beach wedding dress can be suitable for long periods of heat, but what about a night wedding? The answer is most definitely! We have a range of beach wedding dresses that would like perfect during a night setting, whilst offering versatile fabrics to protect against the range of chilling winds and blazing sun.