Beach Wedding Dresses

If you are planning your special day in the sun, our range of beach wedding dresses could be the perfect choice. For a versatile & easy to wear feeling without sacrificing on an elegant style, beach wedding dresses are the pinnacle of matching a lightweight feel with beauty.
Whether you are planning a seaside ceremony in the heat, or an ‘I do’ in the setting sun, Love Spell’s beach wedding dress selection will ensure the perfect gown for your special day. We utilise luxury materials that work to offer an effortless wearing experience whilst still capturing the essence of the coastline. With a range of styles on offer, we ensure our beach wedding dresses work harmoniously with your figure and wedding theme.

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FAQs & Further Information

The idea of wearing a wedding dress on a beach can provoke different reactions, depending on the bride’s preference and personality. A beach wedding dress usually focuses on a lighter appeal, being easier to carry on such a shifty surface, whilst remaining classy. We utilise high quality fabrics and clever floral patterns to offer beautiful beach wedding dresses, without sacrificing ease of wear.

When planning a beach wedding, one of the most important aspects of the event is the heat. Our selection of beach wedding dresses are cleverly designed to help the bride’s skin breathe and stay refreshed in the unforgiving heat of the seaside. Our light fabrics ensure the bride remains cool and classy during their special day.

We’ve covered how a beach wedding dress can be suitable for long periods of heat, but what about a night wedding? The answer is most definitely! We have a range of beach wedding dresses that would like perfect during a night setting, whilst offering versatile fabrics to protect against the range of chilling winds and blazing sun.