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The planning for your special day has commenced and it’s time to begin shopping for your all-important lace wedding dress.
Whether you seek a classical & timeless lace dress for your wedding or something that’s slightly more unconventional, we offer a range of beautiful styles to coincide with your dream day. Through the use of premium & luxurious materials, our selection of lace wedding dresses fulfils the role of both elegance and beauty, without compromising on the versatility of being the main attraction at any themed wedding. At Love Spell Design, we pride ourselves on providing a refreshing approach to the bridal experience. Through our expert craftsmanship, we provide sensational gowns, purchasable at our UK bridal boutiques.

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Price range: £1,500 — £3,000 with most of our wedding dresses between £1,800 - £2,500.

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FAQs & Further Information

As a fabric, lace has been a staple piece for wedding dresses for many years, establishing itself as a highly traditional factor for bridal gowns.

A lace wedding dress, although traditional, is still the epitome of elegance and femininity to this day. Throughout the years, they have evolved and found new ways of featuring the fabric, whilst still maintaining the classy nature.

Generally speaking, the cost of securing a lace dress is usually within the same bracket as other types of bridal gowns.

Although, it is worth noting that due to the extensive labour involved with creating a lace dress, it can sometimes be a little more expensive.

At Love Spell, our lace gowns are hand-sewn to create a unique and beautiful look, destined to be a centrepiece during your big day.

If you’re getting married in winter or simply on a chilly day or night and don’t feel like wearing a long sleeve lace wedding dress the entire time, you might be considering bridal layering. There are many ways you can do this from shawls to capes to jackets.

Just like with other forms of bridal layering, jackets above lace wedding dresses can be made out of different fabrics and styled in various ways. Here are some of our suggestions:

An attachable tight-fitted short or long sleeve lace bolero jacket: this is a practical and seamless way to cover up for the cold whilst also showing off two different looks on your wedding day when you’re really only wearing one dress. This would pair perfectly with our Harlow, Harriet, Alexandra, Madison and Stella lace wedding dresses!

A loose-fitted chiffon bolero with a satin trim: this is a comfortable and elegant way to cover up during colder temperatures. The ¾ classic semi-sheer jacket is super breathable and fluid, which is the perfect juxtaposition with one of our strapless lace wedding gowns dresses such as Desire.

A knitted long sleeve bolero with a boat neckline, lace details and a slit in the back with dainty buttons: this is an incredibly simple yet sophisticated way of styling a jacket with one of our unique lace dresses.

A sheer short sleeve jacket with a floor-sweeping hem: this versatile jacket oozes femininity and glamour. The floor-sweeping hem accentuates your flawless silhouette and can be styled with any one of our flattering lace gowns.

A longline silk blazer jacket: this takes a completely different direction by adding a tux to a classic lace bridal dress. The dramatic juxtaposition gives off an ultra-contemporary and effortlessly cool vibe.

An almost sleeveless fur or feather bolero shrug: if you’re one who likes to mix and match fabrics, then this is the perfect look for you. This jacket not only keeps you warm, but also adds a vintage feel without covering too much of the lace dress. This is the most glamorous cover-up for any winter bride!

Our lace wedding dresses are innately feminine, elegant and romantic. There are several ways to accessorise our lace dresses and because the fabric has such intricate details, people tend to stick to subtle accents because they think it might clash. However, this isn’t always the case.

Mimic lace patterns: using accessories such as hair barrettes with a similar design to one of our lace wedding gowns’ patterns creates the perfect unity. Our Lydia dress, which has leaf-embroidered lace would mesh seamlessly with a leaf hairpiece. The same can be done with our floral embroidered Desire lace bridal dress with floral shaped hair accessories.

Contrast with pearls: The addition of pearls only adds to a classic lace wedding dress and oozes timeless beauty. Accessories include a pearl beaded choker, pearl drop earrings or a creative headpiece.

Focus on the veil: this iconic bridal accessory accentuates any one of our lace wedding dresses. You’d want the veil to match the exact shade of your dress. Additionally, if you feel like your lace dress is already complex enough, a simple veil with some accents such as embroidery or beads could be a good option.

If you choose one of our scoop back lace wedding gowns such as Vicenta and feel like showing off the back of your dress is a must, choose a sheer veil. A raw edge veil is best suited for those who want their lace dress to be the main focus of the look. If your veil is plain, make sure to focus on the length and silhouette to ensure it enhances your shape.

Pair lace with lace: the colours and aesthetics of the lace should complement each other for maximum effect. If you’ve chosen our richly textured Naomi lace dress, contrasting it with a lightly textured similar lace pattern is the way to go.

Yes, absolutely. If you’re planning on losing weight before your special day and looking to alter your lace bridal dress for a perfect fit, we have experienced in-house seamstresses that can alter your dress throughout multiple fittings.

Additionally, if you place your order well in advance, we can confirm your size before your chosen dress goes into production.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer full customisation of our lace wedding dresses in terms of shape, such as combining two dress styles or changing a full skirt into a fitted skirt and vice versa. We do however customise aspects like the neckline, sleeves and lining.

For men, a casual suit in tan, blue, grey, brown or light colour in chambray or linen can be a great look to complement a lace wedding dress.

For colder months, a tweed or wool suit with a bit of a pattern or colour could be a great choice. A suit and shirt without a tie can also be suitable if you know it’s a non-formal event.