Lace Wedding Dress

The planning for your special day has commenced and it’s time to begin shopping for your all important lace wedding dress.
Whether you seek a classical & timeless lace wedding dress or something that’s slightly more unconventional, we offer a range of beautiful styles to coincide with your dream day. Through the use of premium & luxurious materials, our selection of lace wedding dresses fulfils the role of both elegance and beauty, without compromising on the versatility of being the main attraction at any themed wedding. At Love Spell Design, we pride ourselves on providing a refreshing approach to the bridal experience & lace wedding dresses. Through our expert craftsmanship, we provide sensational lace wedding dresses, purchasable at our UK bridal boutiques.

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FAQs & Further Information

As a fabric, lace has been a staple piece for wedding dresses for many years, establishing itself as a highly traditional factor for bridal gowns. Lace wedding dresses, although traditional, are still the epitome of elegance and femininity to this day. Throughout the years, lace wedding dresses have evolved and found new ways of featuring the fabric, whilst still maintaining the classy nature.

Generally speaking, the cost of securing a lace wedding dress is usually within the same bracket as other types of bridal gowns. Although, it is worth noting that due to the extensive labour involved with creating a lace wedding dress, they can sometimes be a little more expensive. Our lace wedding dresses are hand-sewn to create a unique and beautiful look, destined to be a centrepiece during your big day.

For men, a casual suit in tan, blue, grey, brown or light colour in chambray or linen can be a great look to complement lace wedding dresses. For colder months, a tweed or wool suit with a bit of a pattern or colour could be a great choice. A suit and shirt without a tie can also be suitable if you know it’s a non-formal event.