Sizing & Alterations

Sizing Information

How do I know which size to order?

We have provided a size chart and if you haven’t got your full measurements when you order, please don’t worry. Our styling specialist will get in touch to discuss the best size of dress for you depending on your general clothing size, the silhouette and the fabric of the dress (some fabric is stretchy and some not). If you already have got your full measurements, please put these measurements in the ORDER NOTES section of your order when you checkout. One of our production staff will be in contact with you to discuss these measurements. If you feel your shape/size proportions sit outside the standard then please email us with your concerns. If you are measuring into a UK 16 or larger, please email our stylist prior to placing your order.

Once we have received your measurements we convert your measurements into a generic dress size on our size chart and make the dress accordingly, as well as making the dress to the correct length for you, so if you are sitting in between sizes this is not a problem at all. When placing an order, you will have to select from these dress sizes available between UK 6-16; please select the size that best corresponds to your measurements / your general dress size.

What do you need to know when I order?

Please make sure to let us know your wedding day so that we can make sure that your dress can be made and delivered well before your wedding day. In the notes section of your order you can provide us with your measurements if you already have your measurements and normally we require the below measurements for dresses WITHOUT SLEEVES.

If you don’t have your full measurements please just enter your wedding day in the ORDER NOTE. Here is a video that might be helpful:

  1. Back shoulder to shoulder
  2. Front shoulder to shoulder
  3. Bust (the dress has pads in it so if you are not planning on wearing a bra please measure yourself without the bra or vice versa)
  4. Waist
  5. Hips
  6. Length from shoulder to hem
  7. Your height and the height of heels you plan to wear
  8. If the dress has long sleeves please also send us the measurements of bicep and length of your arms

Please use this guide as an indication of shoe height:

  • Barefoot or flats we allow 0-2cm
  • Small heel we allow 8cm
  • Regular heel we allow 10cm
  • High heels we allow 13cm
  • Platform we allow 15cm

Please view our size guide to see more details.

How should I take my measurements?

We highly recommend your measurements are taken by a professional seamstress. However, it is also possible that you can take measurements yourself and please see our guidance for more information. Once your full measurements are taken, please put these measurements in the ORDER NOTES section of your order when checkout and one of our production staff will be contacted with you to discuss these measurements.

It is very important to communicate to us any concerns you have about your body shape and to choose the best dress for your shape.


Do I need alterations and when is the best time?

This is completely up to you and you may wish to tweak your dress with your local seamstress. Once you receive your dress, alterations/tweaks are very common. We convert your measurements into our generic size and make your dress on a standard size mannequin so that we can standardise our production process and avoid any unnecessary mistakes. All alteration costs are covered by the Bride.

We make your dress according to the size the measurements you gave us matched. We highly recommend all our brides have their measurements professionally taken. Because each body is exceptional, you might find that going to a local alterations shop is an easy way to make the dress fit exactly how you like it to fit, particularly for tight fitting dresses.

In the rare occasion you think we have made a mistake with the measurements, please send us a few photos and we’ll happily ensure that it is fixed up at our cost. Unfortunately, we can only cover costs if the misfit is brought to our attention within 24 hours of delivery.

It is important to communicate to us any concerns you have about your body shape and to choose the best dress for your shape.

Who can alter my dress?

We have in house seamstresses if you are based in the UK and it is easiest and very common to get a local seamstress to tweak/alter your dress when they can see how the dress fits your body. You may also wish to alter the design of the dress and again this is easier to communicate with your local seamstress.