Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress

A cap sleeve wedding dress, sometimes known as a short sleeve wedding dress are a staple for brides to be. With clever and delicate detailing, our cap sleeve wedding dresses create light coverage whilst maintaining the typical classy look you’d expect from a short sleeve gown.
A small lace or silk cap sleeve can completely transform how a bride feels during their big day, with stylish and confidence inducing patterns & accessories. Providing a refreshing approach to the bridal experience is what we do at Love Spell and we are proud to offer sensational cap sleeve wedding dresses and hair accessories of superb craftsmanship that can be purchased at our UK bridal boutiques.

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Price range: £1,500 — £3,000 with most of our wedding dresses between £1,800 - £2,500.

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FAQs & Further Information

A cap sleeve wedding dress has a specific style of a short sleeve that is cut and seamed to fit on the shoulder and taper to nothing underneath the arm. This style of sleeve is not usually as loose as standard short-sleeved pieces of clothing, but almost as a small umbrella, covering the shoulder. Although it may seem like a small change compared to a traditional wedding dress, the difference it makes to the overall theme is quite substantial.

Our range of cap sleeve wedding dresses offers an array of sleeve types, sizes and patterns. With our options, you have the choice of a flowing cap sleeve wedding dress, amazing at capturing the breeze during an outdoor wedding. Our shorter-sleeved floral patterned dresses offer a timeless and classic look for brides to be. If you aren’t sure or haven’t decided yet, be sure to secure an appointment with our specialists for expert advice.

It’s best to get an idea of what the setting of the wedding will be like before going ahead and choosing your wedding dress. This is good because it can give you an idea of whether to prepare for certain weather or environments. This is why we recommend that you look at wedding dresses after you’ve booked the venue, around 8-10 months before your wedding. If your wedding day is far into the future, we recommend waiting to look for your cap sleeve wedding dress, as styles and trends can change quickly.

We recommend bringing two trusted people who understand your taste and won’t overwhelm you. Searching for the perfect cap sleeve wedding dress can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be intense, especially if you’re trying to find a dress in a certain time frame.

Our guests tend to stay for around an hour to find their perfect cap sleeve wedding dress. If you think that an hour won’t be long enough to try on your cap sleeve wedding dress, we can always book you in for a slot on a weekday, when we’re not as busy and can offer more time.

We recommend wearing skin coloured underwear to your appointment with a strapless bra. This is so that you can see the cap sleeve wedding dress in its full potential. To help you imagine wearing it on your wedding day, you can also bring any accessories or shoes.

It is advisable not to bring children to the appointment as they can be a distraction and make it harder to find the perfect cap sleeve wedding dress. Although it isn’t recommended, we understand that this is not always possible, so if you are bringing your children, make sure that you come on a weekday when it’s a little quieter.

The beauty of a cap sleeve wedding dress is the versatility in terms of flattering many body shapes, sizes and types. Being one of the main attractions to a dress, the sleeves have the potential to be customised, whilst maintaining the overall look of the dress. Whether you want a tighter fit shoulder to display your athletic figure or a larger flowing sleeve to create a fuller look during your special day, cap sleeve wedding dresses offer a large amount of versatility.