Wedding Dresses With Trains

April 19, 2021

Wedding dresses with trains are bridal gowns finished with an elegant trail of fabric. Just like veils, there are numerous options for wedding dress trains categorized by length and style. Because boho wedding dress styles are known for being ethereal, effortless and often comfortable, they typically don’t have long cathedral trains, but have various other styles, including sweep trains, court trains and Watteau trains. Learn more about which wedding dresses with trains might be right for you.

Wedding Dress With Sweep Train

A sweep train is a very short train that extends from the end of the hem. If you don’t want you’re wedding dress with a train to look over-the-top or you won’t want have to fuss with a bustle, a sweep train is a great option. It’s the simplest of all wedding dress trains yet it still provides a little something extra that separates your look from a regular formal gown. It’s you’re set on a sweep train and you want a gown that’s gorgeous, glamorous and timeless, let us point you in the direction of Love Spell Design’s Cloud.

Wedding Dress With Court Train

Quite similar to a sweep train, a wedding dress with a court train mean the dress has a short extension (a few inches to just over a foot). However, the drape that becomes the court train beings higher on the gown. A perfect example of this would be our Harlow wedding dress with a train. At the top of the thigh, the dress has an angled appearance and pleating that pave the way for the divine finish.

Wedding Dress With Detachable Train

One of the most special kinds of wedding dresses with trains is one that has a detachable train and allows for two completely unique looks. Not only does a removable train provide a two-in-one look (for the price of one!), but it also eliminates the stress of creating a bustle during your cocktail hour―time that deserves to be dedicated to pictures, mingling with your guests and grabbing a bite to eat. If you this style sounds like a great idea to you, check out our Daisy wedding dress and Ivy wedding jumpsuit, two wedding dresses with trains that detach.

If you’ve given some thought you what you want in your boho wedding dress, don’t forget to consider wedding dresses with trains. Now you know that these elegant styles offer a little something extra but still fit perfectly into your boho aesthetic. Find bridal gowns and wedding jumpsuits with sweep trains, court trains, detachable trains and more at Love Spell Design bridal shops. Book your appointment now―slots are filling up fast!