Postpartum wedding dress shopping

October 3, 2020

Congratulations! Having a baby right before your wedding means double the love and joy! That’s not to say it makes gown shopping easy…With everything you go through as a mama, wedding dress shopping might end up on as “just another thing to do.” But it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t!) be that way.

Follow these tips from our incredibly talented Love Spell owner, designer and new mom to buy a wedding dress that makes you feel great postpartum.

1.Make dress shopping all about you!
Having a baby to dote on is magical, but it can also mess with your sense of self. The feeling of doing everything for others and having no time for yourself can lead to stress, exhaustion and low confidence.

Bring back the excitement for celebrations other than baby milestones. When you go to a boutique for wedding dress shopping, make sure the focus is all on you. Leave your beautiful baby at home with a trusted caretaker (our boutique does not permit children during try-ons for this reason.) Let yourself soak up every enjoyable morsel of the experience. You’ll remember what’s it like to be pampered, and you’ll see yourself as the shining star you are in a fabulous, unique wedding gown.

2.Be mindful of time, but don’t rush
When you go from pregnant to postpartum, the timing of gown shopping can be tricky. You don’t want to try on gowns during pregnancy if you’re getting married after you give birth, but you need to allow enough time for the boutique to receive and ship the dress. We suggest getting starting as soon as you feel comfortable and settled at home and in your head. But don’t rush yourself. Recovery, especially if you had complications or a C-section, takes time. You also don’t need to wait for things to be “perfect.” Don’t pressure yourself to lose every pound or delay until your baby is on a sleep schedule. Life as a new mom is unpredictable—the more time you allow before the wedding, the better you’ll feel as the date inches closer. Still, if you are concerned about timing, you might want to think about attending a sample sale. Sample sales offer off-the-rack styles that are already in the boutique, ready to be brought home that same day.

3.Be patient with your body
I’ve heard women say they can’t believe how their body changes or that they haven’t “bounced back” like they hoped. Healing and weight loss take time—you just created a human! Be kind to your body. It’s possible you can’t wear the same size you did before the baby—there’s no shame in that. If you are planning on losing weight—order the size you are now and take it in after your first fitting. You could also try a more forgiving style—think a pretty, floaty wedding dress—that looks good on all shapes and sizes.

4.Think about your day-of needs
Planning on squeezing in a few breaks to breastfeed on your big day? If so, be mindful of complicated closures. Skip button-and-loop fasteners and opt for an easy back zipper. A two-piece style can also be a good option.

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