5 Things to Bring to Your Bridal Appointment

March 14, 2024
AA Bride and a groom embracing each other - black and white- Bridal Appointment London

Love Spell Bridal’s seasoned team of consultants have come together to provide you with some suggestions on what you can bring to your upcoming bridal trial appointment.

At the end of the day, your wedding is about marrying the one you want to be with forever – celebrating a connection that has transformed you through and through. Regardless of what we suggest you may bring to any bridal appointment, remember that the one thing that matters most is that you come ready to feel beautiful, and find something to wear that feels just as special as the vows you’re waiting to exchange.

Whether you’re shopping for wedding dresses in the UK, or anywhere else near you – these tips are universal for any and all bridal experiences. We want to make the most out of each appointment, so here are some things we suggest you bring to have a successful gown trial!

1 – Shoes

If you have found the shoes you’re planning to wear on your special day, it is always a great idea to bring them with you to the appointment to see how they look with each dress you try on. Alternatively if you know what heel height you want to wear but not the exact pair, you can bring a pair of heels with the same height that feels realistic for your big day, and we can get  a better idea of your vision! We also always have heels in our showrooms for your convenience just in case.

2 – Family & Friends

Dress shopping can be overwhelming, and as much as we do our diligence in making you feel supported and comfortable, there’s nothing like being surrounded by your people. Having trusted people there to help you make decisions can make your dress shopping experience that much sweeter & smoother – we love making memories you will never forget, and we want you to cherish them with your loved ones.

3 – Accessories

We strongly encourage you to bring any jewelry, veils, hair pieces, or sentimental items that you plan to wear on your special day. It can be hard to put all the missing pieces together when imagining how you will look on your big day – save yourself the hassle if imagining everything together and get the full look when you say yes to the dress with us 

4 – Undergarments 

If you have any special undergarments, lingerie, or shapewear that you intend to wear on your big day then it could be beneficial to bring them with you to the appointment to see how it lays with each dress! At Love Spell we believe every bride is beautiful as they are, bu we want you to feel your most confident and comfortable self when trying on dresses.

5 – Hair ties and clips

Although hair styles may come secondary to the dress, we encourage brides to bring ties and clips so that you can envision each dress with different looks. Oftentimes brides will do their hair for the appointments to get a good idea of how everything will look together – but we encourage you to play around with different ideas to see what works with each gown you try on – you may end up surprising yourself!

If you’d like to book with us, we have a wide selection of boho wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses, wedding dresses with a-line skirts, as well as detachable overskirts. Come visit us at any of our London, Surrey, Manchester, or Guildford showrooms x