First dress you try on

September 29, 2020

Ah, the “yes.” Nearly as exciting as “I do.”

At Love Spell, we live for the “yes” moment. It’s powerful, moving and totally exciting to witness the bliss of a bride-to-be finding her dream dress. And we’re lucky we get to watch it over and over again at our bridal shop in Surrey.

We’ve also seen the flipside. Brides come to buy a wedding dress and end up feeling stress and pressure from too-large entourages and dissenting opinions that lead to doubt. The hopeful bride leaves without her perfect, non-traditional wedding dress, panicked about finding something that will please everyone. There can even be peer pressure about building up the experience…friends and parents pushing to maximize shopping time with more try-ons and different boutique visits. A lot of brides fall in love with the first dress they try on but worry they’re going to feel they are missing something. There is nothing that makes the 20th boho wedding dress more special than the first. When you know

what you want or you’re working with a professional consultant who asks the right questions and understands your desires, it’s quite likely that the first dress you pull is YOUR dress.
Believe us. It’s best when you trust your gut. A bride that finds “the one” immediately is decisive and confident—and while it means not trying on a dozen designs, it also means more time for other fun wedding stuff—like picking your flowers or taste testing your cake.

Listen to your heart and follow the helpful advice of your experienced consultant…and you might just have your tears-of-joy moment before you expect it.