How to Choose Between Two Wedding Dresses

March 25, 2021

You’ve done everything you’re supposed to: you secured a date, booked your wedding venue, and made an appointment at your favourite wedding dress boutique. After scouring the racks and trying on the wedding dresses you’ve pulled, you’ve narrowed your selection down to two wedding dresses. The question is, which wedding dress do you choose? It’s not always a simple answer, but here are some tips to help you walk away a happy bride with the best of the two wedding dresses.

Rate the Wedding Dresses

When you try on each dress, take note of the features you absolutely love and the ones you’re unsure about. If there is nothing on the wedding dress you would change, you’ve found your winner! If both wedding dresses have details you like and don’t like, ask the bridal consultant how hard it would be to change that detail. Knowing this information can help you narrow your selection between the two wedding dresses. If alterations aside from fit adjustments aren’t in your plans (or aren’t offered), give each dress a score between one through ten. Most likely, one dress will come out scoring slightly higher.

Consider the Pricing of the Two Wedding Dresses

Sometimes there’s an instance where you truly would be happy with either gown. Your entourage loves them both…and so do you. At that point, ask the bridal consultant to check the prices. Choosing the less expensive wedding dress will make you feel like you snagged a great deal. And you’ll have that much more money to spend on a veil or pretty wedding dress accessory.

Consider your Wedding Details

The decision between two very different wedding dresses can be made easily. Consider the timing of your wedding, the venue, theme―maybe even what your spouse would love on you―if you’re feeling generous. All of these factors can help you determine which of the wedding dresses is most suitable for the occasion. For instance, when deciding between wedding dresses with and without sleeves, think about the season. Select the halterneck look for summer nuptials and the three-quarter-length sleeves for autumn vows. Maybe you’re having a beach wedding? You’ll be better off with a simple, airy dress rather than a bridal gown made of heavy lace or designed with a long train. For an evening party, you could benefit from a little sparkle. And if all else fails, think about which of the wedding dresses your fiancé would most adore. That’s a sure way to start a happy marriage.

Get Both Wedding Dresses!

Of course, if both wedding dresses you’re deciding between have stolen your heart and your budget allows it, get them both! This guarantees no regrets on your special day…and what’s more fun than an outfit change?! Pick the wedding dress with the longer train or demure detail for the ceremony and swap it for the glamorous option for your reception. It’s our personal favourite solution to wedding dress indecision.

So now that you know what to think about when you find two of the most incredible wedding dresses you’ve seen in your life, you’re ready to go shopping! Book your appointment at Love Spell Design and start the search for your dream wedding gown (or bridal jumpsuit).