Beach wedding dress tips

August 20, 2020

Nothing is more romantic than exchanging vows on a picturesque beach with the soft crash of ocean waves as your soundtrack. And to make your beach wedding fantasy come true, you definitely need the right dress. Here are some practical considerations for finding perfect beach wedding dresses.

Tip 1: Choose a breathable fabric
If you’re planning a beach wedding, then you’re expecting hot weather and sunshine. To stay cool and feel fresh, pick a fabric that’s lightweight and breathable. Floaty and drapey fabrics, such as chiffon and silky charmeuse, are your best options.

Tip 2: Look for casual styling
Beach weddings tend to feel less formal than indoor affairs, so a very structured, full or formal bridal gown might look out of place. Ideal beach wedding dresses will gently skim your body with their soft, graceful silhouette. Compliment your dress selection with loose curls and tropical flowers.

Tip 3: Consider what you need to pack
Unless you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, a beach wedding will require travel. Finding a dress for destination weddings can be tricky. One that is easy to pack into a carry-on will alleviate stress and reduce the risk of your dress being lost or damaged.

Tip 4: Skip the heels
Although most brides opt for high heels on their big day, there are tons of beautiful flat options available. And because sand and heels don’t really mesh, we suggest you pass on the pumps and stilettos and pair your beach wedding dress with a flat, sandal or low wedge.

Tip 5: Prepare for a breeze
If you’re setting up for waterfront vows, there is always the chance of sweeping winds. Try limiting accessories could blow around, this includes a long or layered veil, cape and shoulder-grazing earrings. We also suggest you avoid voluminous mini dresses…for obvious reasons.

Tip 6: Steam for a polished appearance
Destination weddings call for careful unpacking and a little help from a handheld steamer. With a once-over, your dress will look ready to wear down the aisle of the isle. Get started with a search for Bridal shops near me” to find your perfect beach wedding dress.

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