5 Bridal sample sale secrets

October 17, 2020

For brides on a budget, a sample sale is where magic can happen. Offering a limited assortment of dresses at steep markdowns, bridal sample sales feature gowns from display mannequins and try-on racks. Another reason sample sales are great? You score your dress instantaneously instead of after six or more months—perfect if your big day is just around the corner.

However, there are drawbacks to this type of shopping. Sample sales offer only a limited number of sizes and styles. Customisation is out of the question and designs are sold as-is and not returnable.

Are you thinking about going to a bridal sample sale for one of your favourite boho wedding dress designers? To get the most out of it, follow these tricks to prepare you for the unusual (but exciting!) shopping experience.

1. Narrow Down Your Interests

You won’t enjoy as impressive a selection or receive as much time to browse as you would at a standard appointment, so you should come prepared with an idea of what you want. For our Love Spell Design sample sale, we publish a list of available styles. And because we are an online bridal shop with a brick and mortar boutique, all our styles can be viewed both beforehand.

2. Try a Standard Appointment First

A sample sale isn’t a great introduction into the world of bridal fashion. You want to know what type of silhouette you like, what details you prefer and what size you are to be able to find your dream dress quickly. It helps to know if you want an alternative wedding dresses, a floaty wedding dress or a sexy mermaid dress. Because you cannot return purchases from a sale, you want be 100% confident with your selection before you fill out paperwork and go home with the gown. And it doesn’t hurt to have a true gown shopping experience (with champagne flutes) prior to sample sale madness.

3. Limit Your Entourage

While we personally space out sample sale appointments to keep everyone safe, designer sample sales can get crowded and chaotic. You’re browsing a limited number of styles in a limited range of sizes. While we try to keep a much more structured sale than most, we will suggest you only bring one, maybe two, friends or family members. This will limit distractions and opinions so you can focus on yourself and finding the perfect dress in a short period of time.

4. Keep Your Budget in Mind

It’s easier to stick to your budget when dresses are already discounted, but don’t forget to include any tailoring or extras that might tick up the cost. It almost never happens that you find a dress that’s a perfect fit—you’ll likely spend a couple hundred pounds getting proper alterations. Need a veil or cover-up? Make sure to consider that in your budget, too. Lucky for you, accessories are also part of Love Spell Design’s sample sale!

5. Review the Dress

While dresses are usually in like-new condition, you’ll still want to inspect them for rips, stains or damages. You can also ask an associate to help you scan for defects before you buy a wedding dress since gowns are not returnable or refundable.

Now that you know what you’re looking for and how to approach it, you’re certain to have a successful and enjoyable sample sale experience. Happy shopping!