Redeemable Appointment Deposit

Price: £29.17
Vat: £5.83

Total: £35.00

Please note: This booking fee will be deducted from your gown total.

Pay With Credit Card

Let’s get started! This appointment is intended for brides who are on a SERIOUS hunt to purchase their bridal gown. You will be well looked after by our Love Spell team for a 1-1 tailored experience.

The whole boutique is yours! You and your bride tribe will be welcomed with the Lux Package including *Bubbles & Sweet Treats. During your 60 minute appointment you can find your dream gown, whilst sipping Prosecco and having the most relaxing bridal buying experience.

Why do we charge such a fee?

All appointments are one on one basis meaning our stylist will prepare for your appointment beforehand, and work with you for 60 minutes. Having a last minute cancellation (especially during the weekend when we are the busiest) means we will lose an appointment which could have been booked by another bride. But please don’t worry, all we need is 72 hours notice and you will be able to cancel your appointment and get the deposit refunded.

Cancellation Policy:

We get it, life happens! However, we are a small boutique store who takes a limited amount of brides a day, so please take your fitting time seriously and cancel your appointment within 72 hours if a conflict comes up.

Polite Reminder:

If you are going to be more than 20 minutes late for your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule to another time.