What To Do With A Lace Wedding Dress After Your Big Day

December 14, 2021
lace wedding dress

After the celebrations simmer down, you’ve enjoyed your honeymoon and life as a wife is about to begin, you are probably wondering what to do with your lace wedding dress after your big day. Maybe it has been stored away for many years, or you’re freshly married and realised you have no space to keep it.

For most women, a wedding dress is a rather large investment and something you wouldn’t be likely to wear again. It is, of course, worth every cent paid for it if it made you feel good on your big day, but it may seem a little unnecessary to keep it when there are so many great and efficient ways to utilise an old dress!

Keep It For Sentimental Value

You don’t have to keep your wedding dress at all. However, many women will put it away lovingly to keep as a treasured possession. Conversely, many other women don’t feel that kind of sentimentality or attachment. Whether you have an emotional connection to your lace wedding dress or not, there are pros to storing it.

Some women will get rid of their bridal gown because practically they don’t see the sense in keeping it. Others will get rid of it because it just makes sense financially. In most cases, wedding dresses can increase in value if stored correctly, maintained and have some type of exclusivity to them.

Furthermore, there is no right or wrong thing to do with your wedding dress and you don’t need to feel a certain way about it. Every bride will be different. Just do what feels right for you, and if you are still unsure, just put it away and think about it a bit longer.

Moreover, if you have no idea what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding is over, and just letting it hang in your closet taking up space doesn’t seem like a good option, here are some other ideas.

Donate To A Second-Hand Store

You may choose not to sell it, but decide you are still happy to get rid of it, and could just donate it to a secondhand store or op shop. By donating your wedding dress to be resold, you will raise money for the chosen charity, which is a lovely way to let the goodwill of your wedding day live on long after the day itself is over.

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Transform Your Lace Wedding Dress

Talented craftspeople can take your beautiful wedding dress, and all of the emotion and nostalgia that comes with it, and turn it into a keepsake which is a bit more practical than storing the entire dress. Some heartfelt ideas for items that can be created out of your wedding dress include:

  • A necklace
  • Bespoke lingerie
  • A christening gown for your babies
  • A cocktail dress that you can get more wear out of
  • Ribbon or wrap to give to your daughters for their wedding bouquet (they might be more likely to appreciate this than your entire dress)

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Ask The Experts

Sometimes the most knowledgeable individuals are the experts that sell the product themselves. With a range of different types of wedding dresses, from mermaid wedding dresses to boho wedding dresses, there may be different opportunities out there after your big day.

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There may be options to customise your wedding dress and make alterations for the taste of a friend, family member or potential second-hand buyer with the help of a tailor.

Overall, there is a range of options to choose from when looking for ways of utilising a lace wedding dress after your big day and we hoped to have sparked some ideas.