The six must-do things before you book an appointment

January 30, 2019

1. Decide Your Venue
The perfect wedding dress requires a setting that blends in with it. A boho wedding dress that would look perfect in a garden may look too informal at a church.

Wedding venues and receptions can put a big dent in any wedding budget. It can also affect the budget for the dress. So, be sure to book your venue before you choose your perfect dress to match your budget and your venue.

2. Know The Weather and Time of the Year
Spaghetti straps and diaphanous wedding dresses may be great for sunny warm weather, but they won’t keep you warm on a blustery, cloudy day.

Likewise, highly ornamented dress in heavy velour or silk may seem perfect for a grey day but you can end up looking dowdy and old fashioned. Avoid the risk of picking an inappropriate dress by booking a wedding date and keeping the season and weather in mind.

3. Respect Your Budget
Exceeding the budget is the proverbial apple you always want to bite but avoid the temptation and enjoy the beauty of Eden. Set a budget for your wedding dress and check against the price range at your favourite wedding dresses boutique. If they fall within your allocated budget, go ahead and book an appointment.

At Love Spell, we enquire your price range beforehand, so we can help you choose your boho wedding dress that falls within your budget.

4. Do Your Research
Your wedding dress must meet a lot of critera if it has to be ‘perfect’. It needs to match the venue and the weather while reflecting the bride’s personality. Most of all, it needs to not only make you look beautiful, but also make you feel comfortable so you can be your natural self on your wedding day.

Finding the right dress to fit your body shape and the silhouette you desire is so much easier now with the help of right tools available online that help the bride to research wedding dresses, brands and boutiques before the appointment.

5. Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute
The desire to look perfect on the wedding day can often lead to body shape and self esteem crisis. But don’t let it stress you out. Talk to other women, and you’ll know they have all been there.

Remember, the bride’s beauty is not defined by her body shape and dress size. So, do not postpone buying the dress because you want to lose weight and have a smaller size dress. Leaving it to the last moment can mean more stress as the wedding colour theme and decorations have to be matched to the dress and you need to have these ready well ahead of the grand day!

It is never too early to get the perfect dress. Wedding boutiques may take months to design your dress. It can take a further 6-8 weeks for the finer adjustments and fittings. If you believe you have found the perfect dress, grab it before it is gone forever.

6. Choose Wisely
Don’t make the mistake of picking a wedding dress that everyone else likes but you do not love. Bring only a few people, whose opinion and choice you trust, to the bridal shop or boutique.

Wish to go wedding dress shopping alone? Our advice-don’t.

Choosing your wedding dress can be a daunting task and an overwhelming experience. You will need help, support and someone reliable to give you an honest opinion.

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