The complete wedding veil care guide

May 27, 2020

Just like the wedding dress, veils are a ceremony essential that make you truly feel like a bride. If you’re not sure whether you want the special wedding headpiece to be part of your attire, remember it’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance to wear one—and we promise there’s a style out there perfect for you. A bride’s veil adds romance, femininity and a touch of mystery. Depending on the style you choose, it can also add decadence (cathedral veil), vintage glamour (birdcage veil) or a treasured “something borrowed” touch (passed down from your mom or on loan from a friend).

But despite its simplicity compared to the gown, a long veil, short veil—or any style, really—still requires some maintenance to look perfect the day of and to be kept pristine for a lifetime.

1. When your veil arrives…
Your veil will be compactly folded in a special bag to ensure it arrives in mint condition. Gingerly remove the veil from the bag and carefully unfold it. Hang it immediately to help loosen wrinkles naturally. Use a hanger clip to secure the comb portion. For a mantilla veil without a comb, clip one side in two places. Invest in plastic clips without teeth to avoid damaging the delicate lace or tulle. For a long veil, drape the veil portion over the hanger. Always keep your veil hanging above the ground to ensure you don’t accidentally step on it or dirty the bottom. Be sure to keep it in a dark, cool space away from sunlight to avoid discolouring the fabric.

2. On the wedding day…
Even if you’ve done your best to keep the veil clean, pristine and wrinkle-free, creases may occur on route to your venue—especially if you’re travelling by plane. Release wrinkles by allowing steam to penetrate. Our favourite method involves hanging the veil in the bathroom (away from the water) while you run a hot shower. The steam will help smooth the fabric. You can also use a hand steamer.
Do not iron your veil.If you get makeup on it during the wedding, give it a quick spot cleaning with cold water and gentle, dye-free soap.

3. After your wedding…
Just like your dress, you’ll want to take care of your veil so it remains like-new. It’s important that you get it professionally dry cleaned before you store it. Dry cleaners are in the business of preserving gowns and veils. Once they clean it, they will fold it neatly in an acid-free box for safe storage. Keep it away from sunlight and heat, dampness and other potentials hazards that could damage or discolour the fabric.