Shopping Information

How do I order my dress online?

When you have chosen your dream dress, it’s time to get excited and officially begin your little journey with Love Spell.

  • On your dress page, it will ask you to indicate your general size (UK 6-16), the colour and length of train in some cases, then click ‘Add to cart’.  Don’t worry too much about sizing as we’ll confirm the details according to our size chart using your measurements in the next step.
  • If you have any concerns, questions or customization requests please refer to the F.A.Q. section or contact us via [email protected] if you are unable to find the information.
  • Once we have received your order, we’ll send you an email requesting the professional measurements we require and more details can be found in SIZING and ALTERATIONS section.
  • Once we have received your details, we’ll match you to the generic sizing of our size chart. We make the length measurement in 5cm increments so we’ll round your measurement. You are not required to do anything else at this stage, besides plan the rest of your big day, of course!
  • We will keep you updated on the progress and inform you before the dress is ready to be shipped.
  • Once you receive your dress, alterations/tweaks are very common. All alteration costs must be covered by the Bride.

Can I make an appointment to try on the dress?

Of course, and you are more than welcome to bring family and friends! If you are based in the UK and you are willing to travel to our studio based in Surrey, please make an appointment online via Contact Us page or send us a message through the wedding dress product page. We will respond to your message within 24 hours to confirm our availability.

You will have a 1.5 hours appointment to try on as many dresses as you want in our studio and £20 redeemable booking fee is required. *The booking fee will be deducted from your gown total*. There are plenty of parking sites nearby if you are driving and we are located only 30 mins away from London Waterloo by train.

Payment Information

How do I pay for my dress?

If you order the dress online, the options of payment are PayPal and credit card. PayPal is our preferred method but please choose the option most convenient for you. We accept cash and credit/debit card payment in our studio based in Surrey, UK.


Sizing Information

How do I know which size to order?

We have provided a size chart and if you haven’t got your full measurements when you order. Please don’t worry, our styling specialist will get in touch to discuss the best size of dress for you depending on your general clothing size, the silhouette and the fabric of the dress (some fabric is stretchy and some not). If you already have got your full measurements, please put these measurements in the ORDER NOTES section of your order when you checkout. One of our production staff will be in contact with you to discuss these measurements. If you feel your shape/size proportions sit outside the standard then please email us with your concerns. If you are measuring into a UK 16 or larger, please email our stylist prior to placing your order.

Once we have received your measurements we convert your measurements into a generic dress size on our size chart and make the dress accordingly, as well as making the dress to the correct length for you, so if you are sitting in between sizes this is not a problem at all. When placing an order, you will have to select from these dress sizes available between UK 6-16; please select the size that best corresponds to your measurements / your general dress size.


What do you need to know when I order?

Please make sure to let us know your wedding day so that we can make sure that your dress can be made and delivered well before your wedding day. In the notes section of your order you can provide us with your measurements if you already have your measurements and normally we require the below measurements for dresses WITHOUT SLEEVES.  If you don’t have your full measurements please just enter your wedding day in the ORDER NOTE. Here is a video that might be helpful:

  1. Back shoulder to shoulder
  2. Front shoulder to shoulder
  3. Bust (the dress has pads in it so if you are not planning on wearing a bra please measure yourself without the bra or vice versa)
  4. Waist
  5. Hips
  6. Length from shoulder to hem
  7. Your height and the height of heels you plan to wear
  8. If the dress has long sleeves please also send us the measurements of bicep and length of your arms

Please use this guide as an indication of shoe height:

– barefoot or flats we allow 0-2cm
– small heel we allow 8cm
– regular heel we allow 10cm
– high heels we allow 13cm
– platform we allow 15cm

Please click on SIZE GUIDE to see more details.

How should I take my measurements?

We highly recommend your measurements are taken by a professional seamstress. However, it is also possible that you can take measurements yourself and please see our guidance for more information. Once your full measurements are taken, please put these measurements in the ORDER NOTES section of your order when checkout and one of our production staff will be contacted with you to discuss these measurements.

It is very important to communicate to us any concerns you have about your body shape and to choose the best dress for your shape.

Alterations Information

Do I need alterations and when is the best time?

This is completely up to you and you may wish to tweak your dress with your local seamstress. Once you receive your dress, alterations/tweaks are very common. We convert your measurements into our generic size and make your dress on a standard size mannequin so that we can standardise our production process and avoid any unnecessary mistakes. All alteration costs are covered by the Bride.

We make your dress according to the size the measurements you gave us matched. We highly recommend all our brides have their measurements professionally taken. Because each body is exceptional, you might find that going to a local alterations shop is an easy way to make the dress fit exactly how you like it to fit, particularly for tight fitting dresses. 

In the rare occasion you think we have made a mistake with the measurements, please send us a few photos and we’ll happily ensure that it is fixed up at our cost. Unfortunately, we can only cover costs if the misfit is brought to our attention within 24 hours of delivery.

It is important to communicate to us any concerns you have about your body shape and to choose the best dress for your shape.


Who can alter my dress?

We have in house seamstresses if you are based in the UK and it is easiest and very common to get a local seamstress to tweak/alter your dress when they can see how the dress fits your body. You may also wish to alter the design of the dress and again this is easier to communicate with your local seamstress.


Shipping Information

How and when is my dress made?

All of our gowns are made to order and handmade by very experienced seamstresses. This means that we do not begin creating your dress until you have placed your order. We will begin the process of fabric allocation and creating your dress within 1 day of receiving your order. It currently takes us about 16-20 weeks to make dresses from our design collection. This is referred to as our “production time” and is measured from the date you place your order to the date your order is shipped.

Please give us 24-48 hours to respond to your enquiry.

When should I order my dress?

We prefer our brides to receive their dress at least one to three months before the wedding day. If you already know you’ve found the one please order as soon as possible to secure our extremely limited luxurious lace before it runs out! If your wedding is sooner, please contact [email protected] for rush approval.


How much does the shipping cost?

We post your dress in a Love Spell box and email you with the tracking number so you can watch it arrive! We deliver free of charge UK-wide and charge GBP 20-40 for non-UK deliveries. Your signature will be required on delivery.

Orders shipped internationally will incur duties and taxes. Duties and taxes are determined by the customs agency within the destination country. Assessment of duties and taxes will be based on the value of the order and the Tax-free threshold, if it exists, for goods imported into the destination country. It is illegal to not declare the contents of your parcel. Payment of any duties and taxes is the responsibility of the recipient, and these fees are collected at the time of delivery. More information can be obtained by contacting your local customs office. For any further questions regarding deliveries and timeframes, please email us at [email protected]

Delivery Information

How long does it take for my dress to be delivered?

We ship worldwide and offer Regular and Rush shipping options for both domestic (UK) and international orders. Regular shipping takes about 2-4 working days for domestic orders, and about 7-21 working days for international orders (varies by country). Rush shipping takes about 1-2 working days for domestic orders. Rush shipping internationally varies from country to country.

All dresses are shipped with insurance and tracking unless this option is not available in a specific country. Brides are responsible for the shipping cost and insurance coverage.

Who should be responsible for import duty and VAT?

Buyer is responsible for import and customs fees which may be assessed upon delivery. Please make sure you are aware of the fees that may apply in your country.

Also note that some countries take considerable time to process imports, which may delay the delivery of your dress. To make sure you know what to expect we recommend contacting the customs authority in your country.


Exchanges Information

Can I exchange my dress after I have received it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer exchanges if you have changed of mind because the dress is made only for you. In the rare occasion you think we have made a mistake with the measurements, please send us a few photos and we’ll happily ensure that it is fixed up at our cost. Unfortunately, we can only cover costs if the misfit is brought to our attention within 24 hours of delivery.

Refunds Information

Can I return my dress?

Your dress is made specifically for you, so unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund. Fortunately, so far, this has not been a problem. If before you order, you would like to see more photos of your design, we are happy to send you more images from our photoshoots and behind the scenes. The dresses we have for our photo shoots are the same dress as the samples in our private studio and will be the same as your dress.


What if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, we do not refund due to change of mind. If we haven’t started your dress you are more than welcome to change your order but we cannot refund. We cannot either refund you if you feel that dress does not suit you, as this dress was made specifically for you.


Can I add Rush to my order to get it faster?

We offer a limited number of Rush Order dresses for an additional fee of 10% of the price of the dress. The availability and rate for a Rush Order varies from day to day. You will need to check with us to determine if Rush is available for you. When contacting us please include: 1. The dress you want to order. 2. The date of your wedding. 3. The location of your shipping address (city, state, country);

I am hoping to lose a bit of weight before my special day, how can I make sure my dress still fits me?

We have lots of brides hoping to lose a bit of weight before their special day, which is no problem at all.
You will notice that our fabrics are beautiful and stretchy, so often if brides drop a size in weight, their original size still fits beautifully. If not, our dresses are very easy to alter by a professional seamstress if you would like it a bit more fitted.

If you place your order well in advance of your wedding date then we can confirm your size before your dress goes into production.

Can I customise the look of my dress?

We are currently just too busy to be able to accommodate dress customisation that fundamentally change the shape or fit of our dresses. We are still offering customisation to aspects like neckline and sleeves, as well as adding lining to areas of a dress that aren’t normally lined. However, we are no longer offering customisation to combine one dress design with another, or changes from a full skirt to a fitted skirt, or vice versa.

Is there a fee to customise my neckline or sleeves?

Most customisation to the look of a dress do carry a customisation fee. Each fee depends on the request. Customising a dress requires a great deal of time and attention from our design and production team and therefore can add significant cost to a dress. Please get in touch to discuss your specific request.

Is there a fee to add lining?

For a dress that normally has unlined sleeves or an unlined back, we are happy to add a lining for you at no additional fee. Please just let us know this is what you would like for your dress when you respond to our measurement questionnaire.

Can you send a sample to try?

Our sample gowns are used for photo shoots and production; therefore we are unable to send these away for brides to try. However, we are more than happy to send you a fabric swatch of the gown to help you gain a feel for the fabrics. We offer one-on-one appointments at our private studio based in Surrey, UK. We also offer styling assistance via email and live chat. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Do you have any stockists?

No. We prefer to maintain our individual and exclusive style. All of our brides worldwide buy directly online through our website or directly from our showroom.

Do you make custom dresses?

We know sometimes it can be difficult to find your dream dress and we will try our best to help. However, we can only offer such service if we have the capacity and we can find the lace you like. Price starts from GBP 2,000 due to the time we spend on sourcing the lace, fabric, lengthy communication and time we need to commit to making your dress from the start to finish.

What if my measurements have me sitting in a few different sizes?

That is not a problem at all. Our production team can grade your dress accordingly to your varying dress sizes. You will just need to order your dress based on the size that most of your measurements fall into.

How do I place my order online?

It is all very easy, simply make your dress choice and place your order through our website and enter all your measurements into the notes section. Our team of lovely ladies is online all day to assist you too. Please visit THE PROCESS section for more details.

How do I know how much shipping is?

If you add the dress you want to purchase into your cart, we have a shipping calculator in the cart, which can be used to clarify prices. Our shipping costs are minimal and we use an International express shipping company that offers online tracking. Visit our SHIPPING AND DELIVERY section for more details.

What kind of underwear do I wear?

All white, ivory or nude dresses are best worn with flesh-tone underwear.

What about a bra?

If you need a bra, backless, off-shoulder, or illusion-back dresses are best worn with silicone stick-on bras, which we find work wonderfully for our models during our photoshoots which often involve long hours and lots of moving around.

Are your dresses lined?

Yes, all of our gowns are lined with soft organic knit fabrics. Some dresses have unlined décolletage, sleeves, or the back of the bodice, for a lace-on-skin effect.

What if I want to bustle my train?

We usually recommend that our brides use a bustle pin if they intend to bustle their dress. With a bustle pin you’ll have the freedom to choose a French bustle or an American bustle, as well as place your bustle as you see fit, depending on your preference and style. This also allows your train and skirt to be free of any buttons or loops showing while you walk down the aisle.

Bustle pins can be found online or in a bridal store, and come in a variety of styles.

How should I store my dress after I receive it?

Please try on the dress as soon as possible without make-up, lotions or fake-tan. We recommend using an acid free wedding dress box for dress storage before and after your wedding.

What if I have questions before or after I have placed an order?

If you have any questions before or after ordering, don’t hesitate to email us. We only offer certain changes to our designs. Most of our dresses come in ivory, with some offered in white, or with champagne or tan underlay. Unfortunately, changes cannot be accepted once the order has been processed and we will send you an email once the order has been processed.